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The Great Northern Family Health Team (GNFHT) is a primary health care clinic serving patients in Temiskaming Shores. Made up of a team of interprofessional health care practitioners, we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality primary health care available.


The Great Northern Family Health Team works with physicians of the Great Northern Family Health Network (FHN) to provide comprehensive primary care services to our community.


As a patient of the Great Northern Family Health Team, you will receive quality, coordinated care focused on helping meet and maintain your health and wellness goals with access a variety of programs and services including but not limited to: preventative care and cancer screening, mental health counselling, lung health/smoking cessation, heart health, occupational therapy, dietitian/nutrition services, chronic disease management, memory clinic, well baby clinic and well women clinics


What is primary care?
Primary health care refers to the patient's first point of contact with a doctor or a health care team. Primary health care includes disease management and prevention, education and health promotion.

What is a Family Health Team?
A Family Health Team is an approach to primary health care that is patient centered and brings together different providers to organize the highest possible quality of care for you - our patient.

Designed to give doctors support from other health providers, most Family Health Teams will consist of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers and dietitians who work together. Each provider uses their experience and skills so that you receive the very best care, when you need it, from the most appropriate pro-vider, as close to home as possible.

How can I access the Family Health Team?

  • Your doctor’s office may refer you directly to the Family Health Team to schedule an appointment for your care.

  • Assuming you are a rostered patient of the Family Health Team, you can self-refer to see a member of our interdisciplinary team or participate in the programs we offer.

Minimizing Emergency Room Visits

  • Our goal is to provide you with timely access to care and minimize Emergency Room visits for non-urgent situations.

  • Before visiting the Emergency Room, con-tact your family physician for care.

  • If you are unable to access your family physician, please contact the Family Health Team at (705) 647-6100.

  • We will confirm that you are rostered with our team and then organize with you to see the appropriate provider for your needs

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