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Lung Health / Respiratory Therapy


The Great Northern Family Health Team's lung health program provides care and support to patients through diagnostic testing, education, and establishing a patient-centered care plan to better manage their respiratory health.


You may request an appointment with our Respiratory Therapist through your family doctor. All visits are covered by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for patients of the Great Northern Family Health Team.

Our Lung Health Program provides:

  • Assessment of the severity of existing asthma or COPD and how it is affecting your quality of life. 

  • Review of family history, medical history, smoking history, allergies, symptoms, and triggers (things that bother your breathing).

  • Education about your condition including recognize symptoms and how to respond to worsening symptoms 

  • Spirometry Testing - detection of swelling and tightness in the airways

  • Support for quitting smoking - Smoking Cessation (STOP) Program

  • Medication / Inhaler Review and Education

  • Recommend referrals as needed to (e.g. pulmonary function testing; specialist consults).

For more information please contact: 705-647-6100, press 2


Appointment Information

During your appointment, our Respiratory Therapist will complete an in-depth patient assessment and may perform spirometry testing (breathing test). 


Medications will be reviewed with you and education on the following topics may be provided:

  • What is Asthma and/or COPD?

  • Medications

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Proper Inhaler Technique

  • Tools for monitoring respiratory diseases (Peak Flow Monitor, Asthma Diary)

  • Individualized Patient Action Plans

  • Symptomatic Relief Strategies

  • Allergies and Environment Control

  • Self-management skills

  • Awareness of Community Resources

What is Spirometry Testing?

Spirometry is a test of how well you can breathe and can help in the diagnosis of different lung diseases. The test is painless and usually takes less than 15 minutes but does require some hard blowing. You will breathe into a small device called a spirometer, which will measure the amount of air you can blow out of your lungs. This test may be indicated if you can identify with any of the following:

  • You are an ex-smoker or a current smoker over the age of 40

  • You cough a lot

  • You become short of breath when walking quickly

  • You are worried about the health of your lungs

  • You are already receiving treatment for a lung disease (COPD/Asthma)

STOP Program

The STOP Program helps patients understand the underlying reasons for smoking, develop a “quit plan” and select a “quit date”. Ongoing support and free nicotine replacement products are provided.

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