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Memory Clinic

Memory clinics are a specialty clinic dedicated to helping patients with memory difficulties.  Our goal is to help patients with memory difficulties maintain independent living and the best quality of life for as long as possible.  

The memory clinic provides assessment of memory and cognitive impairment as well as factors that impact memory from a team of trained health care professionals. The clinic provides standardized testing, assessments and treatment plans for patients experiencing cognitive impairment, memory loss, and/or early onset dementia, as well as support for their caregivers.

Information provided to your doctor, along with blood tests and possible diagnostic imaging complement our assessment process.  Treatments, medications and community resources may be advised, in consultation with patients’ primary care provider. Additional support may be provided with a referral to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Memory Clinic Team: Maureen Howard, Registered Social Worker; Martin Toupin, Occupational Therapist; Nancy Presseault, Nurse Practitioner - Temagami Family Health Team; Dr. Patrick Logan, Physician Lead

For more information please contact: 705-647-6100, press 2

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