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9-8-8 Suicide Crisis Helpline

If you are feeling like you have lost hope and are struggling to cope, if you are dealing with thoughts of suicide, or if you are worried about someone else, 9-8-8 is here for you. 


9-8-8 offers trauma-informed and culturally affirming support to anyone who is thinking of suicide, or who is worried about someone they know.


In the face of increased demand for crisis services, 9-8-8 provides:

  • A number that’s easy to remember in a crisis situation.

  • Support in English and in French, by phone and text.

  • Quick access to support from trained responders, available 24/7/365.

  • High quality, evidence-based, equitable suicide prevention and crisis support for everyone in Canada.

When you reach out, a trained responder will listen without judgement, provide support and understanding, and can tell you about resources that will help.

For more information, please visit: Get Help | 9-8-8: Suicide Crisis Helpline (

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