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Patient Experience

If you want to share your feedback regarding healthcare services you have received, there are three options below for you to do so:

1. Talk to your Healthcare Provider directly 

Whenever possible we first encourage you to speak with your care team

  • Your care team knows you best

  • Discussing your questions or complaints may resolve any issues right away

  • This is often the best way to proceed

  • You can also ask the Executive Director for help

2. Speak with Executive Director

If you wish to make a formal complaint, you may do so in writing and direct your correspondence to your Primary Health Care Provider or to the Great Northern Family Health Team, Executive Director at:

Erin Montgomery

Great Northern Family Health Team
240 Shepherdson Rd., Unit 2

New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0

705-647-6100 ext. 222

3. Complete the Great Northern Family Health Teams - Patient Experience Survey below


What can I expect when I share feedback?

  • We will listen and respond with privacy and respect

  • We will gather information and facilitate the investigation if you have a complaint

  • A response will be provided

  • At the conclusion of the review further options will be provided to you

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