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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT) are regulated health professionals who work to promote and maintain a person’s function and independence.


Occupational Therapy services at the Great Northern Family Health Team can provide support in many ways such as:

  • Assessment of physical, cognitive, perceptual and environmental issues that may be contributing to a person’s safety or difficulty managing daily activities

  • Home environment safety assessments (within pre-determined boundary)

  • Fall prevention and management

  • Mobility aids/adaptive equipment assessments and support (ADP Authorizer)

  • Chronic disease and pain management

  • Cognitive assessments and interventions

  • Ergonomic assessment

  • Post Concussion Assessment and Follow-up

Treatment may include functional assessments, therapeutic exercises, education, adapting your work or home environment, recommending adaptive equipment or mobility aids and accessing funding for mobility aids.

The Occupational Therapist may help caregivers to help minimize their risk of injury, manage caregiver stress, find balance in life, and connect them with community resources.


Our Occupational Therapist is additionally involved with the following programs with the health team:

  • Memory Clinic

  • Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

    • 10 session/week program for reducing disability associated with pain, depression, PTSD, cancer and other chronic health conditions​

    • Goals of the PGAP are to reduce psychosocial barriers to progress, promote re-integration into life roles and facilitate return to work

  • Falls Prevention Program

    • We have designed this program to reduce our patient’s risk of falling. This program is tailored for patients 65+ with recent falls, balance or mobility issues.

For more information please contact: 705-647-6100, press 2


1. Stay On Your Feet - SYOF - Staying Independent Checklist 

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