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Quality Improvement

The Great Northern Family Health Team is committed to enhancing available primary health care services, improving patient access and providing a collaborative and patient-centered approach to care. Quality Improvement is an ongoing priority that helps us continually find new and better ways of providing services, delivering care, improving the patient experience and achieve even better clinical outcomes.

Quality Improvement Decision Support:


The Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialist (QIDSS) is a 1.0 FTE shared position across two staff; one working out of Temagami FHT (that works with Great Northern and Temagami FHTs), and the other working out of Kirkland Lake FHT (that works with Kirkland Lake and Englehart FHT).  We work within a partnership in Northeastern Ontario (each working through an annual developed work plan), with the QIDSS focused on common programing and quality improvement initiatives across the FHT partnership.


The QIDSS is involved in building up capacity with current team members to be involved in quality improvement, and data management.  Through regular training sessions and one-on-one coaching/support offered by the QIDSS regarding EMR functionality and associated quality improvement initiatives, teams are more confident in utilizing the EMR and leading quality improvement initiatives. 

Quality Improvement Plan:


In June 2010, the Ontario government passed The Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA). This legislation helps support health care organizations to further improve the quality and safety of care they provide for the community. 

The Great Northern Family Health Team's Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) serves as a functional document which identifies our main improvement initiatives, provides meaningful accountability to our community, patients and staff and articulates our commitment to delivering safe, quality patient-centered care.

Our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is made up of two parts:

  1. A document that provides a brief overview of our QIP, highlighting and listing our top priorities for the year.
    Not applicable for 2021-22

  2. A spreadsheet that includes our improvement targets and initiatives. 

 *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Quality Improvement Plans have been paused by Ontario Health

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