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Nutrition / Dietitian Services

The Great Northern Family Health Team offers individual counselling in nutrition by a Registered Dietitian.  Registered dietitians are health care professionals who are trained to provide advice and counselling about diet, food and nutrition. Our dietitian can help you make healthy food choices by separating fact from fiction and distinguishing healthy eating plans from those that don’t provide optimal nourishment.

What Does A Registered Dietitian Do? 

  • Helps you make changes in your eating and activity behaviours to improve your health or manage existing health conditions 

  • Works together with you to create a nutrition care plan to fit your lifestyle and preferences with a focus on setting small, realistic goals at each visit 

  • Works closely with your family physician, nurse, mental health counsellor and other team members to provide better care, together 

  • May recommend bloodwork to identify your nutritional needs and measure progress 

  • Discusses what, when, and how to eat to improve health and also explore the reasons behind why we eat the way we do 

  • Provides nutrition advice 

  • Improves heart health by lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure 

  • Helps with chronic disease such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, kidney, cancer, osteoporosis 

  • Provides dietary strategies to manage gastrointestinal issues in irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and food intolerances 

  • Gives you information about nutritional deficiencies including iron deficiency and pernicious anemia 


For more information please contact: 705-647-6100, press 2.

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